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Thread: Mark Prior roookie auto

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    Mark Prior roookie auto

    I have a 2001 Mark Prior Donruss Fan Club 2002 ROOKIE autograph , mostly looking for money will take some offers. But the only offers I will take are players who are in the top 100 in homeruns , I DONT NEED THEM TO BE EXPENSIVE , I DONT WANT THEM TO BE EXPENSIVE.

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    hey, i have a pujols game used along
    with a nice trio jersey of piazza/shijo/alfonzo

    let me know if you would be interested in any of those

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    no thanks , I want equal BV or I mostly want to you to buy the card , BTW BV is 80$

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    I have a Vlad auto worth 40 and a Sammy Sosa Gu w/stripe #ed 100/ 100 Bv 30 PLMK

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    I'm interested, but where did you ge tthe $80 bv ? All I could find in Beckett was no pricing due to lack of info.

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