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Thread: mcnabb does it again

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    mcnabb does it again

    another horrible week, the eagles offense is pathetic except buckhalter and westbrook, they got a win, but i feel like it was a loss, lmk ur feelings

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    just going to say that he finally had a nice drive, and it was to win vs. green bay :)

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    man, die hard packer fan here so my word on green bay is above most, they have one of the most talented offenses in the NFL. green is a top 3 back in the NFL w/ a season like this when he doesnt fumble. favre is my qb any day, and finally, THE DEFENSE IS EMBARASSING THE TEAM!! every week they go out and play hard to have the defnese get them the loss. a win in tampa is vital, the road is easy ahead w/ the bears, lions @ the dome on thanksgiving, chargers and oakland. if u were u to see that game, adam, mcnabb did not win that game. he didnt show up until the last 10 mins. argue all u want, mcnabb is not worth 1/2 the money he got. eagles will not make it far, way too inconsistant, and dun bs me eagle fans sayin they have won 5 straight, their defense is incredible w/ the best secondary in the league. yap all ya want, the packers need a big win and the eagles better solve te offensive woes, because u have to play the whole damn game, not the last 10 mins. and also mcnabb complainin bout a bruised shin?? i have run 5k in 20 degrees with fracture shins, also konwn as shin splints this year, and favre is playin w/ a broken thumb please give me a break. obvioulsy, u can see i am not the biggest mcnabb fan, he is good, and limbaugh is a loser, but the eagles might regret spendin that $$ on donovan when there could be next montana out there, but no philly pisses their money away. one thing in football, wait for the next best thing, and down give up so much $$. cuz it is any given sunday when u are either on the sidelines w/ a career ender or worse, end up paralyzed or dead.

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    dan, heres wut i agree and disagree, green is in the top 3 backs in the NFL, id take favre when he was younger, even 2 years ago, but like anyone else, u lose it with age, im not sayin hes bad, cuz hes still good, but hes lost it a little (its expected)...the defense is embarrasing for them but they still have the talent to be good...a win in tampa is key, i think that will decide who has a chance at making the playoffs, the road isnt as easy than u think with the bears, lions, oakland, and chargers, i think they will win against chargers and bears, i think they will win against oakland and detroit but they are still tough to play against, even if they arent that good...i kno mcnabb didnt win the dam game, he didnt play bad, but he didnt play the potential he should with the amount of $$ he gets...he showed up in the 2nd half, not the last 10 min., i kno mcnabb isnt worth that money, hes still young, but no1 is worth that except maybe holmes or another great young player (i kno holmes isnt young)...i think the eagles will make it pretty far, they wont win it, but anything can happen in the NFL...ther is lots of parody in the league...any1 can win...ther offense is inconsistent, actually they are being bad, lol, they D is great but any1 can have a bad day...mcnabb has an excuse to complain about that, he broke it last year and u didnt run in 20 hasnt been that yet at the time ur running dan...the eagles will and i think they do regret spending that money...atleast they have someone who could be great and has lots of potential but they locked up all that money on him that they could have gone out and gotten a good WR which they need

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    well first off, if u gave a w/e bout my xc, it was 23 degrees at the homedel state sectionals on saturday ;). and too, mcnabb had 190 passing yards. 69 were on that drive. i lay my case now.

    and also, it is 15 degrees less @ homdel park then it is here (middle of a massicve 1500 acre forest.). yea and that was the day i broke the slide @ that play place next to china buffet. lmao

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    yea, and losing 12 starters to the d last year wasnt the worst among all teams??? ur impartial adam, jus like the flyers commentators

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    well the eagles have had that last year too..and how the hell does the flyers announcers come into this!?

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    Lets face facts about the Packers and Eagles. Both are not good football teams right now. Packers have Ahman Green right now, thats it. Favre is excused as he is playing with an injury that effects him greatly. He is a true warrior. They have absolutely no receiving core. Driver is one of the biggest busts in the NFL this year. The defense is atrocious as stated earlier by njdevilsdsz. They have already lost 3 games at Lambeu this year so the mystique of lambeu/Favre is gone. Teams are no longer intimidated by it. Their chances against the bucs this week are slim and none in my opinion. The home team has won in this series the last 10 games. Doesn't bode well for them.

    On to the Eagles. They need a another big play guy to go with McNabb. They do not have one WR that I would be afraid of and their running game is a 3 headed monster and one or two of them are always hurt. It hurts McNabb as he is not a great passer to begin with. Their defense has been banged up all year so that could attribute to some of their woes as well.

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