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Thread: Help with cards.

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    Help with cards.

    Hey, I just picked up 3 packs of Fleer Tradition (I dont ussually collect football but my card shop just got some in and the owner always picks lucky packs for me) and as usual I let the owner of the shop pick out my packs for me and also as usual I got nice stuff. My highlights were

    Classic Combinations Byron Leftwhich Michael vick 1000/1500
    Classic Combinations Earl Cambell Priest Holmes (with priest holmes jersey).
    Anyway I was just wondering what these would be worth. As a side thing the jersey card has a couple threads hanging off (this is the way I pulled it) is this considered damage and does it take down the cards value?

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    Your jersey should be fine. Is this Fleer Tradition? If you PM me I can check the book sometime this evening.

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    Looking for Hines Ward stuff, 2013 Topps Archives Gold, and Football HOF autos.

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    Judging by last years product, they weren't as high as you would think. I imagine that the priest holmes would book around 15-20. And the vick/leftwich in the 20 area also. Not bad pulls at all!

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