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    extra $5 to spend. taking best offers.

    hey everyone, i have an extra $5 to spend. looking for the best offer. especially looking for zito, hudson, mulder, pedro, and kerry wood stuff. lmk and thanks for looking.

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    I can sell you my Williams game jersey, helton jersey, and a small mix of those player's for only $6 delivered.LMK if you can do that!

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    hairston: im sorry but im going to have to pass. Im really not into those players at all but thanks for replying.

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    Ive got a 02 UD Game Swatches Jersey of Tim Hudson, and a 03 UD MId-summer stars swatches jersey of zito, that i'll sell for $5 shipped.


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    bergzautos: do i get both for $5. lmk if its a deal. thanks. also, are the cards in excellent condition?

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    There is a minor crease(and i mean minor) on the Zito, thats why i was offering both for $5. Other than that, both are in very good condition.

    LMK, and then i'll pm you my address.


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    bergz autos, im sorry but i cant stand a card thats not in top condition. nothing against you its just how i am. im going to have to pass on it but thanks a lot for the reply. sorry.

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    we have dealt before redsox and have more on the table lol.. just check my site and im sure we can work something else out


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    It's not $5 worth, but it contains your players and I'll give it to you for $1.30 + SASE or $2 dlvd.

    2003 Upper Deck Vintage 15 Tim Hudson NM-MT Own 1 $0.30
    2002 Leaf 11 Pedro Martinez NM-MT Own 1 $0.75
    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects 32 Pedro Martinez NM-MT Own 1 $1.25
    1999 Topps 20 Kerry Wood NM-MT Own 1 $0.30

    Or I'll trade.

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