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Thread: Check My site...

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    Check My site...

    everyone check my site and see if we can make a trade.

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    2003 Bowman Chien-Ming Wang RC BV 3

    I like this. LMK if you want to trade.

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    Sure, I can do that. The Dontrelle for the Wang, correct. PM me and we can exchange addys.

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    i like this 2003 Fleer Platinum Portrayals Donovan McNabb Game Used Jersey please check my site

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    I like this:

    2002 Ozzie Smith UD Sweet Spot Classics Jersey $15

    Both cards book for $15

    LMK if you want to trade.

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    i like these:

    2001 Victory Mike Vick RC
    2000 Bowman Rocco Baldelli RC


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    I like these:
    2002 Bowman Clinton Portis RC
    2003 Topps Total Willis McGahee RC
    2002 Just Dontrelle Willis

    PLMK what you're looking for in return.


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    Hey for some reason I can't send you pm's!
    I still HAVEN"T received your $5 for my Clement auto!
    I need the $$ ASAP!
    I've waited two and a half weeks and I don't think it will come. If you could send again I'd appreciate it and if for some reason I do get your $$ in the mail then I will gladly mail it back to you!
    Thank you!
    **Didn't mean to mess up the thread, sorry!**
    Whoops! I thought this thread was astrocollector's thread!
    This is to Astro-Collector!
    Thank you!
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