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    Preview Card

    I picked up a bunch of cards from a buddy tonight who is a dealer. I got them for $10 and most of them are preview cards. I figured $10 for 300 cards was worth it just to have them. However, how do I go about finding how much they are worth? I have never been able to find a price guide for the preview cards.

    Appreciate it

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    Hey bolt.. welcome to SCF.. If you ever have any problems feel free to pm a mod or advisor who have a tag right below there name

    As to the preview cards.. There is NO real vaue to them in my view. There have been so many different variations to what the regular card is.. it doesnt go for much. But Some people disagree. Take a good look around ebay and see if you can find some of them. Ihave seen preview cards go for 100 bucks.. For ones you find in beckett.

    If you would like some help feel free to email or pm me a few of the cards with the best detial possible.. aka player, card title((playoff fleer donruss)) year.. and what kind of preview it is.. Ill be glad to help ya out and look around


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    Thanks for the nice welcome and the advice. I will take you up on the offer and send you a few of the cards for an opinion. I figured for $10 they were worth picking up.

    Thanks again,


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    Who knows they could be.. Any time you got a few min send em over and ill see what i can do for ya jim


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    02Bolt- Would you consider trading any of them? I collect preview and sample cards. PLMK if you are interested by PMing me. Thanks

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