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Thread: 2003 ATTF Chrome

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    2003 ATTF Chrome

    hi....looking to trade for 2003 ATTF Chrome Refractors. I have about 1/3 of them and would like to finish the set. PLMK if you have any and want u would want to trade in return. Thx.

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    i have a nolan ryan #93/299 it books at $40, lmk what you have for trade in that price range

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    i would be interested in that one

    let me know what interests you..perhaps i can work out a package


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    the only Autos that I have right now are ATTF autos....i may have one or two that book for $25...should i bother checking? thx

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    go ahead and just lmk what you've because someone else is interested as well. i'd hate to lead either of you on and you never know i may be interested;)

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    this may interest u

    i have a 2003 ATTF Abbot AU

    it books for $40

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