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Thread: Nice Grab Bags for Sale!

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    Nice Grab Bags for Sale!

    Each grab bag will contain 12 various baseball cards - at least one or more RC, one or more #'d cards, star cards, insert cards, and 1 in every 5 bags will contain a GU or Autograph card. Each bag will cost 80 CC. I will make about 25 bags, mix them up, and each bag bought will be selected randomly. BV on each lot will be at least $15 and some will be much higher. I am sure you will be very satisfied with every bag you buy.

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    I was just wondering if you can take 75cc for one? That's all I have.

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    thegunzz - All you pay is the 80 CC.

    Tigers - I can't give you the full 12 cards for 75, because I would have to do that for everybody. However, if you will accept 11 cards for 75 CC, I can do that.

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    I'll try to get the 5cc I need, if not, I'll take the 11 cards for 75cc.

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    tigersfan12 go for it...

    I'll take one also PM and CC will be sent

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    Ok, thanks to theginzz, I got the 80cc I needed total and so I'll take one, CC will be sent ASAP.

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    Count me in too. CC on it's way.

    edit: CC and address sent.

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    Hey, I'll take 1, I'll transfer CC and send you a pm in a moment.

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