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Thread: some autos for trade

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    some autos for trade

    Each Plastic Pack came with one auto and a UD Victory Pack:

    -1999 John Starks Autographics
    -1997 Ray Allen Emerald
    -1999 anthony Johnson autographics
    -1999 Avery Johnson Autographics

    UD Victory:
    - Rookie Orientation:
    Marcus Banks
    Travis Outlaw
    Kirk Hinrich

    -NBA All-Stars
    Jason Kidd

    All for trade except Kobe and Avery Johnson.

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    what would you want for the allen? if youre still only doing lakers all i could offer you is 2x book in shaq 20-30$ inserts though :(

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    How about the Ray for your Karl Malone auto?

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