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    Alex Rodriguez and Greg Maddux Collection

    I am selling my complete Alex Rodriguez and Greg Maddux collection, the collection contains about 80 Greg Maddux Cards (1 duplicate) and 34 Alex Rodriguez Cards. I would say 80% are inserts. Al cards range from 1989-1997. I have a nice EXCEL sheet made for the cards, so if you are interested please email me or post a responce here on the board. All cards are in protective sleeves and are in MT-NMT condition. The book value of these carda is well over $350+ but I am looking to sell and sell cheap. I am open to an offers, BUT SERIOUS ONES ONLY PLEASE!!

    Thank You

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    hi and welcome to our forum.

    please make your buy/sell/trade requests in the appropriate TRADING FORUMS

    I am moving this thread over to there now


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    i'm interested in the a-rods. lmk the bv of just the a-rods. i usually buy at around 20%bv.

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