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Thread: need these rookies

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    need these rookies

    need gu/auto/serial # rookie cards of these player

    mcallister(gu/rc only)
    s.moss(auto only)
    shockey(gu/auto only)
    green(gu/auto only)
    harrington(gu/auto only)

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    would you be interesdted in buying cause my auction was not a success and i have a lot of the guys you want. here is a list. i am really only looking to sell unless you have some Carmelo Antohony rookies but i would still prefer to sell.

    2002 sage hit clinton portis jersey
    2002 sage david carr
    2002 sage hit emerald david carr
    2002 sage hit clinton portis
    2003 score byron leftwich
    2001 topps chris chambers
    2001 score complete players drew brees

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    interested in this one
    2002 sage hit clinton portis jersey

    but you have no feedback so will not buy

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    i have
    Carson Palmer 2003 Upper Deck Rookie Premieres #RP-1
    Clinton Portis 2002 Topps Rookie #326

    i want any RAvens cards you have

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    iced cards i have feedback on different sites not sports cards i trade video games online if that is reassuring to you. here is a link to it.

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    bv on the card is $60. let me know what you think is a fair price for it.

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