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Thread: couple nice inserts for cc

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    couple nice inserts for cc

    2001 Fleer Focus ROY Collection Thurman Munson (BV $10)
    2001 Topps 60 Homerun Club (Sosa, Maris, Ruth, McGwire) (TC-12) (I believe BV is $8)
    2003 Bowman Uncirculated Silver RC Luke Steidlmayer #ed/250 (BV is $5, but I need a good offer as it is a #ed RC and will cost a decent amount to ship as it is in a sealed snap case)

    lemme know offers!


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    150 for Munson and the Bowman?
    Don't know if you'd want to do that but LMK.

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    sorry...gotta pass...wanted closer to 15-20cc per dollar on these...thanks for the offer though!


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