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Thread: 2003 Fleer EX

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    2003 Fleer EX

    Anybody doing this set? LMK I have some for trade. Thanks.....Dan

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    Not doing the set, but do need some cards. Need all the D-backs. LMK what you have.

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    Only found three. #4 Schilling Gold parallel numberd 61/99,#5 Randy Jonson,#6 Luis Gonzalez. Do you need Dback cards from any other 03 sets? I have Fleer BoX Score,Genuine,Focus JE,Hot Prospects,UD Game Face and probably a few more sets. LMK and thanks.....Dan

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    I need all 3 of the E-X. Sure, I need them from other sets, LMK what you have. I will get back to you this afternoon.

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    WebbforROY...Here is what I found,all from 03 sets.
    6 Gonzalez
    6 Johnson
    3 Spivey
    6 Schilling(Including the Gold Parallel to 99)
    1 Grace
    1 Kim
    1 Anderson
    24 total cards. Thanks and I go to work at 2:30 so I'll get back to you tomorrow.....Dan

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    They have Jose Reyes down as a rookie and I pulled one but it is not his true rookie. Kinda disapointed in the boxes. I pulled 4 GU(all numberd) and 1 rookie and 1 parallel. Still fun cracking a box. Thanks.....Dan

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    Dark_Angel...Yep have it. Have anything on my want list? If not make an offer. LMK and thanks....Dan

    redsoxfan1822...Pedro,Wood and Zito. Same as above. LMK and thanks.....Dan
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