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    New Player Collection Starting!

    This may seem weird to you, but I decided to collect Dontrelle Willis.

    So Far I have:

    2002 Jusifible Gold Auto Dontrelle
    2002 Bowman Draft
    2002 Topps Traded
    2002 Just

    Sorry, but at this time, I'd like to only trade. I also still am focusing on:

    2002 Select Rookies And Prospects (Updated 32/98)

    For Dontrelle, I'd like to get like 5 at once, if possible.

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    I can trade for one at once, but I am really suprised that nobody doesnt have any of him,

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    I've got this card:

    2003 433 Topps Chrome Dontrelle Willis / Jason Stokes

    Let me know if you want this one.



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    I actually think I have that one, I just gotta look for it, that's why I didnt list it. If I dont find it, I'll contact you.

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