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Thread: Favre Jersey Patch #/50

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    Favre Jersey Patch #/50

    2003 Donruss Elite "PRIME PATCHES" Brett Fave Jersey...Card #PP-9...Serial # 30/50...2 Color Patch

    Beckett high is $80.00

    I am looking for $40.00 dlvd or trade for Auto,Game used, or Rookie of equal value($80)

    Thanks, John

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    since im falling short in bv((dont have card that great in value)) i will trade 100 dollars of g/u and rookies for it

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    If you can't work anything out with Prophet I will buy it.

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    prophet, I didnt see anything I really wanted. Thanks anyway.

    Packerfan, I will pm you.

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    k johnny thnx for looking... its worth a shot.. thats a sweet card


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