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Thread: Pack breaks

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    Pack breaks

    I bought a few packs after work today since I had the urge and was near the card store. I bought 1 pack 03/04 SP Game used and 6 packs of 03/04 Fleer Authentix

    SP Game Used

    Ray Allen, Mike Bibby base
    Wally Sczerbiak jersey (aaarggh)

    Fleer Authentix

    Various base incl. V. Carter (my fav. player)
    V. Carter ticket stud
    Carmelo Anthonly Authentix RC #/1250

    Good luck to all.

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    need carmelo
    Please check my Photobucket Hidden Content

    Autographs: NBA and NFL (Especially NY Giants and Tracy McGrady or Spurs Big 3)

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