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Thread: 2002-03 UD Ultimate collection

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    2002-03 UD Ultimate collection

    Did anybody get any of this yet, my shop is getting it Monday, he is selling me a box for $350 how cool is that, I am think ing that I could #1 sell the box on ebay and get $500+ or I could open the packs and pull a jordan/kobe 1/1 and sell on ebay for 3000+

    What would you do?


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    See, that is why I no longer collect cardboard... $500 a box is just insane. Collecting is all about having fun! How can a young kid have fun and get into the hobby now when he has to get a load from the bank just to buy a pack of cards?

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    so things just ain't for kiddie's this is for adults


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    If you think you can get a Kobe or Jordan that is worth $$, crack the packs!

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