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    03-04 fleer ultra ....i need....

    03-04 fleer ultra basketball.... i need to finish.....
    i have base cards, some gold medallion, and roundball
    to trade or some $$ lmk.
    thanks, skip skipnsue

    * trade in progress
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    i got a box. I will check later for you and let you know. Please PM me the wnatlist too

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    are you just doing the base set or are you doing the inserts as well?

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    i have numbers 188 and 186.... i also have 176 and 178 but they are gold medallions.... bv of the first two are 4.00 each and the gold meddalions are 30 for the ford (178) and 24 for the kamen (176) i will keep looking for more... i will sell the two regular rookies for 4.00 dlvd or all four of them for 23 dlvd

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    tutall...i sent an email

    bdrr...i'm trying to do #1 thru 195 , not doing inserts

    cardbuyer66....see my list at the beginning of what i'm looking for

    thanks for looking, skip skipnsue

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