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Thread: I need these players...

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    I need these players...

    PLMK what you have of these guys and lets work out a trade..

    Adam Wainwright
    Andy Marte
    Dan Meyer
    Macay McBride
    Jeff Francoeur
    Gonzalo Lopez
    Brian McCann

    All of these are Braves Prospects and if you have any--base, inserts, rc's, auto's, gu..anything of them..LMK

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    Have a 2003 Stadium Club Royal Gold Andy Marte and a 2001 Bowman Heritage Macay McBride RC. LMK if you need either.


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    Need them both...who are you looking for?

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    beckettfan...I need that...

    I have some beckett's that I can trade to you...LMK

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    I need the Topps....

    What are you looking for in return?

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    Originally posted by DONALD EELLS
    i have a marte finest refractor auto
    Check my site and see what you want to trade for it..

    I would love that!

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