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Thread: Josh Beckett Jsy FT

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    Josh Beckett Jsy FT

    I have this:

    03 Donruss Classics Dress Code Josh Beckett Jsy /500 BV $15

    Looking for a certified auto. Thanks and LMK!


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    I NEED IT!!! I don't relaly have any auto's for trade because I only collect them of my favorite team, the Marlins. Will you trade for anything else or sell? PLMK!


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    Actually I just made a huge purchase and could use a little money to help pay it off, so would you buy for $8 delivered? Thanks and LMK!


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    I'd probably do that except for the fact that I'm broke. Sorry man.


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    if you're broke, why did you ask him if he would sell??? lol

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    Oh, lol I didn't even know I asked that! My bad.


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    sportnut - List me some baseball GU that you have to trade and maybe we can work out a deal.

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    Like I said before I only collect GU of Marlins players or other players I collect so I don't have any for trade. Sorry.


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    Ill give you a 2003 Studio Barry Bonds Game Used Home plate for it.


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