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Thread: Selling some auto's & GU

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    Selling some auto's & GU---"Edit"


    Getting rid of a few cards so I can maybe find my desk again! Paypal or money order,Thanks, "Nail"


    1995 Signature Rookies Paul Spoljaric auto --($2)---sell for $1
    1999 SP Signature Carlos Feebles auto-($8)--sell for $3
    1999 SP Signature Jeremy Giambi auto-($8)--sell for $3
    1999 Topps Traded Carl Crawford auto rc --($40)--sell for $15{HOLD}
    1999 UD Authentics Troy Glaus auto--($25)--sell for $10
    2000 Fleer Autographics Rondell White auto--($15)---sell for $5
    2000 Fleer Autographics Jermaine Dye auto (silver #d 45/250)--- ($25)--sell for $8
    2000 Just (Mystery auto) Odalis Perez---($3)---sell for $1
    2000 Just Cesar Crespo auto--($3)--sell for $1
    2000 Just Darnell McDonald auto--($2)--sell for $1
    2000 SP Top Prospects Austin Kearns "Chirography" auto ($15)--sell for $5
    2000 Topps Mike Sweeney auto #TA-27--($25)--sell for $8
    2001 Bowman Adam Piatt auto ($10)--sell for $3
    2001 Fleer Showcase Ben Sheets "Sweet Sigs" Lumber Edition, auto--($15)--sell for $5
    2001 Royal Rookies Dan Wheeler auto--($3)--sell for $1
    2001 Topps Finest Keith Ginter auto #FA-KG--($10)--sell for $3
    2001 Topps Finest Jason Hart auto #FA-JH--($10)---sell for $3
    2001 Topps Finest Mark Quinn auto #FA-MQ--($10)--sell for $3
    2001 Topps Heritage Mark Redman auto--($30)--sell for $15[GONE]
    2002 Bowmans Best Jake Mauer AU/RC graded 8 SCD--($15)--sell for $5
    2002 Bowmans Best Brian West auto ($10)--sell for $3
    2002 Donruss J D Drew "Diamond Kings" auto #d 128/400--($25)--sell for $8[GONE]
    2002 Donruss Carlos Beltran "Diamond Kings" auto #d 190/500-($15)--sell for $5[GONE]
    2002 Topps Cliff Floyd auto--($25)--sell for $8
    2002 Topps Traded Roberto Alomar "Signature Moves" auto ($40)--sell for $15{HOLD}
    2003 Bowman Brandon Leauge auto (slight chipping on top) #SOF-BL--($8)--sell for $3
    2003 Bowman Zach Segovia auto (slight chipping on top) #SOF-ZS--($8)--sell for $3
    2003 Bowman John Buck auto #SOF-JB--($10)--sell for $3
    2003 Donruss Champions Rodrigo Rosario #121 (Auto RC #d 401/500)--($10)--sell for $3
    2003 Donruss Champions Jon Adkins rc auto #d 208/400--($10)--sell for $3
    2003 Donruss Champions Eric Hinske auto #d 256/390-($15)--sell for $5[GONE]
    2003 Donruss Classics Terrmel Sledge (Auto RC #d 273/500)--($15)--sell for $5
    2003 Donruss Signature Steve Garvey "Legends/ Summer"auto--($15) --sell for $5[GONE]
    2003 Donruss Sig. Jim Palmer "Legends/Summer" auto ($15)--sell for $7
    2003 Donruss Sig "Century" Torii Hunter auto #d 5/100 ($25)--sell for $10
    2003 Donruss Sig. Paul Lo Duca Player Coll. auto #d 28/227 ($15)--sell for $6
    2003 Donruss Sig Magglio Ordonez Player Coll auto #d 79/102 ($25)--sell for $10
    2003 Donruss Sig Alan Trammell Legends/Summer auto ($15)--sell for $5[GONE]
    2003 Donruss Sig Jose Vidro "Century" auto #d 27/100--($25)--sell for $8
    03 Donruss Studio Cliff Lee auto #d 60/150--($10)--sell for $3
    2003 Fleer Fall Classic Steve Carlton auto #d 41/50-($40)--sell for $15
    2003 Leaf Omar Infante "Clubhouse Signatures" auto--($10)--sell for $3
    2003 Playoff Absolute Shane Bazzell "Spectrum" auto #d 53/250--($25)--sell for $8
    2003 Playoff Absolute Rob Hammock "Spectrum" auto #d 115/250--($25)--sell for $10
    2003 Playoff Absolute Richard Hidalgo "Spectrum" auto #d 7/100--($25)--sell for $8
    2003 Playoff Absolute Ben Kozlowski "Spectrum" auto #d 19/100--($15)--sell for $5
    2003 Playoff Absolute Tim Olson "Spectrum" auto #d 220/250--($25)--sell for $8
    2003 Playoff Absolute Todd Wellemeyer "Spectrum" auto #d 93/250--($25)--sell for $8
    2003 Topps Tribute Contemp. Coll. Eric Hinske auto ($15)--sell for $5
    2003 Topps Eric Hinske #TA-EH--($25)--sell for $8
    2003 Topps Orlando Hudson #TA-OH--($10)--sell for $3
    2003 Topps Fan Favorites Brook Jacoby auto --($10)--sell for $3
    ************************************************** **
    ************************************************** **


    2000 UD Ken Griffey Jr "Game Used Baseball" ($25)--sell for $10
    2001 UD Game bat Ed. Andruw Jones bat card ($15)--sell for $5
    2002 Topps Gold Label "Class 1 Gold" Mike Hargrove bat card #ACR-MH ($10)--sell for $3
    2002 Topps Gold Label "Class 3 Titanium" Eddie Murray ( bat card, ROY)---($40)--sell for $10
    2002 Upper Deck USA Baseball Jerseys, Dustin Pedroia ($15)--sell for $3
    2003 Donruss Elite Randy Johnson game-worn hat card #d/250--($15)--sell for $5--[SOLD]
    03 Fleer Fall Classic Darryl Strawberry bat card ($10)---[2]---sell for $3 each
    03 Fleer Fall Classic Frank Robinson bat card ($10)--sell for $3
    03 Fleer Fall Classic Al Kaline bat card #d 5/100-($25)--sell for $10
    03 Fleer Fall Classic Parker/Stargell Postseason Glory, Stargell bat ($10) [single GU]--sell for $3
    2003 Fleer Flair Roberto Alomar "Diamond Cuts" jersey, (black)-- [2] ($8)--sell for $3 each
    2003 Fleer Flair Juan Gonzalez "Power Tools" bat #d 203/500 ($10)--sell for $3
    03 Fleer Ultra Ivan Rodriguez "Moonshots" jersey card ($10)--sell for $3
    03 Leaf Limited Eric Chavez 3 cl patch #d 8/25--(no bv)--sell for $25
    03 Leaf Limited Miguel Tejada jersey (white) #d 8/50--(no bv)--sell for $15
    03 Leaf Limited Andruw Jones jersey (white) #d 39/50--(no bv)--sell for $15
    2003 Topps Tribute Contemp. Cal Ripken Jr "Memorable Mat." bat card ($50)--sell for $20
    2003 Topps Tribute Contemp. "Performance Doubles" Barry Zito, uniform/ Randy Johnson Uniform w/stripe ($20)--sell for $8
    2003 Topps Tribute Contemp. "Team Triples" Biggio uniform /Berkman bat /Bagwell uniform ($25)--sell for $10
    2003 UD MVP Troy Glaus game-used base card #CB-TG ($15)--sell for $5
    2003 UD Sweet Spot Classic Joe Morgan patch card #P-JM1--not game used ($10)--sell for $5[COLOR=darkblue][COLOR=darkblue][COLOR=darkred]
    Last edited by Naildriver; 10-27-2003 at 08:02 AM.

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    Want the Johnson, but I cannot get a money order in the mail until Wednesday or Thursday. Is that O.K.? PLMK.

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    WebbforROY---The Johnson hat card shows him in Mariners uniform---pm sent

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    I'll buy the Beltran, but I am broke right now. Could you please put it aside for me until i get the money? I'd really appreciate it. PLMK,


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    I really don't want to "hold" cards-----If I still have it, I'll sell it to ya!----Thanks, "Nail"

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    I sold it to Cbethun1 in July and I didn't even know you then!
    I'd have gladly sold it to you!

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    LOL, Eugene, do you have ANY Marlins GU or AUTOS? PLMK.


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    Nail, do you think you'll still have the Beltran availible in a few weeks or do you tihnk it will be gone? PLMK.


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