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    Dontrelle Willis for TRADE/SALE

    I have this 2003 Fleer Avant Dontrelle Willis card /699 bv 10$ for trade/sale if anyone is interested....


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    I am interested. Check out my site.
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    I REALLY NEED IT. PLMK what you're looking for in return for it.


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    tigersfan - didnt see anything i needed on ure site sry...but i can sell it....

    sportsnut - looking to trade for an auto or sell it...PLMK

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    All my autos are pretty much of Marlins or in complete sets.....Would you trade for RC's or not? How much would you sell for? PLMK.


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    Sorry Kirby I wouldn't trade it for RC's.... But i can sell it...

    Please make me an offer and we can go from there..

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    I'm not sure. Just LMK how much you're looking for for it.


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    ok, sorry my laptop got messed up. I'll offer $3 for the dontrelle card.
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