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Thread: I'm bored, lets make a deal.

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    I'm bored, lets make a deal.

    Check my sight and let me know it there is anything you like. Have a few inserts I didn't list, and probably a few RC's that I didn't list either. Also have lots of commons, including 02 Topps Traded, so LMK.

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    Hello, I was interested in the Doug Davis auto and:

    Fleer Flair Lew Ford Future Fame, #/500

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    I am interested in D-backs, but if you don't have any, I will think of something else I like.

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    Hey Webb, have you found anything else of the guys in my sig? PLMK.


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    Oh yeah. Still looking. Found a 2002 Donruss Super Estrellas Victor Martinez RC. Have lots of Beltran, so I am still looking.

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    you have any Prior RCs for trade?

    lemme know along with some other stuff you collect, as I don't really have any good D-Rays

    thanks! peace


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    Do you see anything off my site? The isturis is traded.

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    If you can find a combination of cards from the [1980-1999] and [2000-current] categories on my list to trade for any one of these, I'd be thrilled:

    2003 Fleer Authentix Richie Sexson Balcony, #/250
    2003 Fleer Platinum Parallel Carlos Delgado, #/100
    2000 Fleer Focus Green Jim Edmonds, #150/300!!
    HOF Plaque Pee Wee Reese, #/1984
    HOF Plaque Tom Seaver, #/1992
    HOF Plaque Lou Gehrig, #/1939

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