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    i am looking to get rid of all my autos and game used football. there is one not list on my site which is a 1997 Barry Sanders Pinnacle Inscriptions Autograph numbered to 2053. Let me know if anyone sees anything on the site and also anything you see just offer a price unless you have 03-04 basketball rookies primarily Carmelo Anthony or possibly New York Giants Game Used depending on who. Let me know.

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    i would love the sanders auto. what are you asking please pm me

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    i was asking about twenty judging by an ebay auction and what someone offered me in the past. your pm box was full so i had to tell you here. let me know if your interested.

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    I will buy it for $20 if you don't work out something with JC.

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    lewisduo5231: it books for twelve so how bout 3-4 dollars for it. let me know.

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    can it be $3? i dont have that much money right now? umm do u have another Raven card thats worth $2? plmk thanks

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    sure three is not a problem. as for another raven card for two i can get some assorted ones i guess or try to find some assorted ones. i will let you know.

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    ok thanks. cuz all i have right now is a $5 dollar bill so i just want $5 worth so i can send it. thanks

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