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Thread: Coolest/Best pulls

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    Coolest/Best pulls

    Whats the coolest/best/most fun card you have ever pulled? I dont know what my most expensive one was but my most fun/coolest pull was today :). Well I was at target and I decided to buy one of those 10$ boxes (8 packs), I picked the box at the back and left the store (after paying for it, lol). The first pack I opened was the topps chrome I believe and got pretty much crap (I wasent expecting much in this box so wasent too disapointed). Next I opened a pack of 02 Topps American Pie, while I was opening the pack I noticed that there was a thick piece of board in the middle (with my luck I was sure it was just a piece of cardboard). So I slowley looked through the cards until I came to the thicker card and I was amazed to see that it was a through the years Wille mays Game-Worn Uniform bv40. I know its not a GREAT pull or anything but I only payed 10$ for it and I thought it was really cool to get a game used card of such a revered player. Anyway cant wait wait to hear your stories.

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    I got a 1999 UD Hologrfx Ken Griffey Jr. Autograph out of a $1 clearance pack at target. BV $300 at the time, BV $150 now.

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    darkshadowdog123, Great pull on that Mays ~ Congrats

    I am a big fan of those boxes - My best pulls come from those!

    Here is a list of the best cards i have pulled from those 8 pack variety boxes!

    Jerry Rice GU
    Steve Young GU
    Dan Marino GU
    John Elway Longevity insert #'d 26/50
    Ricky Williams Insert #'d 25/25

    I have pulled a bunch more from those sweet boxes but this is the best of my pulls!

    As long as Kmart - Target & Toys R Us cary them i will never deal with a hobby shop again!

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    Here are my 3 greatest pulls:

    Roger Maris 2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes game worn pants bv:$60

    Jim Edmonds 2003 Bazooka game worn jersey #ed 1/25 bv:$?

    Raul Mondesi 2002 Fleer EX game worn 3 color patch bv:$30

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    Here's 2 of my best pulls ever:

    2001 UD Hall Of Famers Reggie Jackson Auto/GU BV 200 at the time, now 80

    2001 Fleer EX J.D. Drew Auto'd jersey #/d to 7 (My lowest numbered card.)

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    here are my three greatest pulls and why

    1) I bought a box of 2003 leaf baseball about a month ago for $25 and while i opened the packs i had pulled a don mattingly gu bv40 /500 and a rc of eric junge 10/25 so i thought that was it (especially since it said odds were one gu/auto per box). well my next pack i pulled a 2003 leaf number off my back alex rodriguez patch 13/50 3 color bv60!!

    2) A couple of weeks later after the leaf box i picked up a 2002 stadium club football box off of ebay for $20. I got the box and opened the packs and it was kind of like the leaf box. i got an ahman green /199 and a tim brown gu /1499 bv20 so i thought that would be it (it also said odds were 1 gu/auto per box) but a couple of packs from the end i pulled a 2002 stadium club cosigners dual auto rc of william green/deshaun foster bv80!!!! the odds of that card are like 1:615 packs!!

    3) I got a box of 2002 upper deck baseball last christmas from my parents. this box was a lot like the two above. i had pulled a kirby puckett gu bat card bv25 and several rc and i thought that was it but with a few packs left i pulled a 2002 upper deck yankees dynasty dual jsy roger clemens/jorge posada bv50!!! the odds of those cards were 1:225 and i got two in one box!!

    those are my great pulls that i had to share. also pulling a numbered ichiro rc was great too because i specifically bought the box to get that one card and i got it!!

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    best pull ever -- 1986 Jerry Rice RC

    back in 1986, when he was a no-name.

    I am a big 49ers fans, so I had a bunch of his 1986-1989s cards, before I stopped collecting in the 1990s

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    My best pull unfortunately was a 2001 Sp GU Tony Gwynn #'d to like 1999 Jersey!

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    My best pull was a 1991 Donruss Elite Rickey Henderson back before collectors even knew what insert cards were. Took like a month to finally figure out what it was. Sold it to a dealer trying to put together a set for $225 when it booked for $225. Now it's worth $50.

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    Mine, so far, was this:
    02 Fleer Fall Classics Rival Factions Maris/Ruth BV-$80
    What's so funny about it is that I had gone to Target one day to pick up some items and only had a few extra dollars to spend so I decided on 1 pack of 02 Fleer Fall Classics. I pulled the card and thought that it was a really nice card, but had no idea on the value of it. When I checked, I was floored.
    A really nice pull out of a retail store on the only pack I bought.

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