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Thread: anyone have autos for CC?

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    I have a great looking Cesar Izturis auto from 2002 Select Rookies & Prospects. I might be willing to trade it for cc, but i'll need quite a bit, mostly just because I'm trading an autograph card of a great young player for basically imaginary money. But, I will consider a reasonable offer.

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    whats it book? i could go like 15 per 1 $ BV max

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    I've got a Jeremy Owens 01 Leaf Limited AU RC (BV $15) and a D'Wayne Bates 00 Autographics (BV $12) available. That's 405 cc based on your ratio above. I would take 350 cc for both of them.

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    i have no idea who either of those guys even are, sorry
    thanx for the offer though

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