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    Looking for 2003 RC RBs listed here. LMK THANKS!!

    Looking for these 2003 Rookie RunningBacks. LMK if you have any. Thanks

    Here is the list of guys im looking for from best to worst starting from the top.


    #1 Willis McGahee
    #2 Larry Johnson
    #3 Justin Fargas
    #4 Quentin Griffin
    #5 Domanick Davis

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    Please check my site for some of these cards.
    Thanks, John

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    I have these I would be willing to trade.

    #1 Willis McGahee
    2003 Topps RC #360
    2003 Topps Total RC #470

    #3 Justin Fargas
    2003 Press Pass #15

    I am looking for cards of guys in my signature. LMK

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    i have these
    Willis McGahee PressPass 2003
    Justin Fargas PressPass 2003
    Justin Fargas PressPass 2003 HOLO
    Domanick Davis 2003 upper deck honor roll.

    i need any ravens cards. thanks

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    I really need the Davis and i kind of like the Green. LMK who or what you collect. Thanks
    Domanick Davis 03 Elite Rookie card #117 Serial # 340/500 $6.00
    03 Leaf Certified William Green "MIRROR BLUE" Jersey card #31 Serial #12/50 $12.00

    What fargas autos do you have. And my site is not up and running at the minute. So LMK What you collect. Thanks

    I have some manning inserts that book around $20 would you be interested in them. If so maybe we can work something out. Thanks

    Dude your making me drool. You have like 10,000 cards i need lol.
    Things i like:
    2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Collegiate Cuts Willis McGahee Jersey $25
    2003 Upper Deck Rookie Futures Justin Fargas Jersey $15(DEFINETLY WANT THIS!)
    2003 Donruss Gridiron Kings Willis McGahee Jersey $?(Say $15-$20DEFINETLY WANT THIS!)
    2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Class Marks Quentin Griffin Auto $30
    2003 Bowmans Best Domanick Davis Auto $? (Say $12-$15 DEFINETLY WANT THIS!)
    2003 Topps All-American Quentin Griffin Auto $15
    Total(About): $120

    Things I have that you might like:

    2001 Private Stock Chris Weinke Jersey $20
    2002 Bowmans Best Julius Peppers Jersey $15
    2002 Flair Franchise Favorites Anthony Thomas Jersey $12
    2001 Playoff Preferred Freddie Mitchell Game Ball $12(#/750)
    2002 Titanium Post Season Anthony Thomas Jersey $12(#/435)
    2002 SPX Kahlil Hill Jsy/Auto $20(#/999)

    LMK If theres anything we could work out. THX


    I have them all. Sorry

    DTrain- Have it. Sorry


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