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    Smile Looking for...

    I am looking for 2003 Leaf Hard Hats insert cards, I already have:

    George Brett

    Ivan Rodriguez

    Does anybody have any? :)

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    I have Furcal, Bagwell, Gwynn(I think), and maybe a few more...


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    That is a great price, but I just spent all of my money a week ago and now I am broke, when I get the money and if the cards are still available, I will buy them. :)

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    Okay...I can go ahead and put them aside and whenever you get the money, you can have them.....

    When do you think you might have the money...just so I don't forget.. :)

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    ummm..... Maybe by the end of this week but I'm not sure, I will let you know. :)

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    Okay...great...I am putting them in my "sold" box as I speak! :)

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