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Thread: 2003 Topps Heritage w/sp's

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    2003 Topps Heritage w/sp's

    Hello Fellow Collectors,

    I have the following cards I would like to sell.I accept paypal if it's not a credit card and everything else besides personal checks.Shipping is extra as well.Let me know what you need and the price you'll pay.Thank you in advance!

    6-Brian Giles(old logo sp)
    14-Justin Morneau
    19-Adrian Gonzalez
    26-Ugueth Urbina
    31-Kevin Cash
    33-Ben Grieve
    37-Jesse Foppert
    39-Mark Kotsay
    53-Miguel Cabrera
    56-Jason Young
    60-Larry Walker
    76-Jon Lieber
    79-Kevin Millwood
    87-Rondell White
    93-Ben Sheets
    101-Ed Rogers
    106-Jim Kavourais
    117-Jeremy Giambi
    127-Larry Bowa
    133-Grady Litlle
    139-Joe and Jake Mauer
    147-Clint Nageotte
    150-Mike Piazza(sp black)
    151-Seung Song
    152-Roberto Hernandez
    163-Andruw Jones
    172-Fernando Vina
    174-Boof Bonser
    186-Kirk Saaros
    190-Jim Thome
    191-Cliff Lee
    197-Edgar Martinez
    209-Tony Womack
    215-Omar Vizquel
    226-Jose Mesa
    230-John Olerud
    231-Anastacio Martinez
    233-Todd Hallondsworth
    236-Chris Nacerson
    241-Mark Remingler
    244-Paul Konerko
    249-Sean Burroughs
    251-Gabe Gross
    268-Richard Hidalgo
    271-Earl Snyder
    272-Todd Walker
    275-Anastacio Martinez
    276-Mike Bordick
    285-Russ Ortiz
    286-Brian Lawrence
    290-Andy Petite
    301-Nic Jackson
    312-Pokey Reese
    318-Mike Restovich
    319-Jose Hernandez
    325-Adam Dunn
    344-Jeff Weaver
    350-Tom Galvine
    359-Brandon Duckworth
    363-Brad Wilkerson
    370-Bobby Higginson(sp)
    407-Marcus Giles(sp)
    426-Jeromy Burnitz(sp)

    Let me know what you need and we can work a deal

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    Would you trade any of them? I can't afford to buy but I am pretty sure I could use some. LMK. Thanks.

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    Nope just selling right now.I will sell very cheap.

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    Can't afford to buy anything right now.
    Thanks anyway.

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