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Thread: Trading Willis McGahee GU

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    Trading Willis McGahee GU

    I am looking to trade this card its a topps collegiate cuts bv30 with a green swatch. Looking for Chad Johnson, Jason Terry, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks.

    Also Check my site i am trading that stuff to.

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    Anyone, someone has to want to trade for this will entertain any offers.

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    im interested, what do you need for it...


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    I have a 2001 topps xpectatons all star game worn 2 color jersey of jason terry. the colors are white and tan. I may not even be intereste dint he willis gu but i am def willing to trade. if you are interested ill look at your site

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    BoneYard- i would be looking for mavs, cowboys, chad johnson jason terry gus or autos . but will accept other offers if they are right just lemme know what you would be willing to trade for it.

    Hiddenball- did you see anything on my site and what is bv on the terry.

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    Hey it only books $25. How about this card towards it?

    2001 Topps Debut Chad Johnson Jsy #/999 BV$20

    LMK Thanks

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    slang i would be interested in that, but i would like to get a card of equal value for it so i will have to wait and see on that. Any other cards that book 25 or more i could throw something in if you have a higher value card.

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    the bv is 10. But i didnt see anything on your site that stood out. i woudl sell if interested. If you want to make an offer, if not i woudl still be open to trading but do you have any steelers or red sox

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