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Thread: josh beckett FT/FS

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    josh beckett FT/FS

    i would prefer to sell these but may trade

    03 UD MVP express delivery
    02 Leaf GOLD ROOKIE

    please make an offer on this bright young star.... these cards are nice enough if i dont get an offer i like i am sending to beckett for grading... the gold rookie has no chipping on it which makes it very nice since it is a gold rookie.... make an offer


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    what do they book for, im interested..


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    those cards are booked at $5.50 total. what and who do you want in trade for them? The Express delivery bv $1.50 and the Gold Rookie bv $4.00. thanks

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    i would like to trade for magglio ordonez or sell for 3.00 dlvd


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    anyone want these???? will sell for 2.00 shipped cash or 2.50 paypal

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