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    I am brand new to here but I have traded alot at "The Bench". Very excited about more opportunities to trade for cards like the ones listed below:

    Autos of players pictured in Pirates unis
    All Jason Kendall Cards
    All Sean Burnett Cards
    All Tike Redman Cards
    I dabble in Jack Wilson and Kip Wells Cards as well

    Anyways, offer anything you think I might like and hit my site to see what I have to offer!

    Thanks everybody!

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    03 Leaf Shirt off my Back Luis Gonzalez Jersey (bv10)
    02 Fleer Showcase Randy Johnson Jersey (bv15)
    01 Fleer Platinum D-backs Celebrate 96/201
    02 Finest Beltran Perez Auto Rookie (bv15)

    I don't have any Pirates Autos, but check my sight and LMK if you like anything.

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    Hey PiratesFan welcome.
    I am glad to see I am not the only one on here who collects Pirates. Need anything let me know maybe I can help out.

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    JLY500-Check my site for stuff I am looking for. I have an extra Jose Castillo auto and Bullington auto too!

    WebbforROY--Like the Wilbur wood auto. Got any Pirates inserts as well. As for the others you like to even the trade just offer some GU/Autos to exchange to make it fair.


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    hey brad wazzup!!! welcome dude and btw, what does that sexson auto look like??? shoot me an email i may be interested!


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    Hey Blake!

    Just so ya know your Giles auto goes out today! The Sexson is an awesome card. Even though I am not a fan of the "sticker" autograph cards this looks really nice and the card itself is holographic. Shout me a holler if you have something else I might like!

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    Pirate Autos:
    91 Procard (Agusta Pirates)#310-Joe Sondrini
    96 Leaf Sig.Ser.(Bronze)Charlie Hayes
    96 Leaf Auth.Sig.-Mark Johnson,Nelson Liriano
    98 DR Sig.Series-Al Martin

    Pirates Game Used:
    01 Studio Leath.&Lum.bat(B.Giles)
    01 UD Pros.Prem.bat(Bill Madlock,D.Parker)
    02 Playoff Absolute Team Tandems dual bats(Giles/A.Ramirez)

    Sean Burnett:
    01 Royal Rookies #15
    01 Topps #359
    01 Topp Traded #T183

    Jason Kendall:
    93 Pinnacle #458
    93 Topps #334x2
    00 Aurora #115
    99 Blk Diamond #67
    99 Bowman & International #25
    01 Fleer Future #126
    00 Fleer Gamers & Extra #45
    02 Fleer Genuine #68
    01 Fleer Platinum RC #368
    01 Fleer Trad.#121
    00 Metal #143
    99 Omega #187
    99 Skybox Prem.#72
    96 SP #17x2
    00 Topps #175
    01 Topp Reserves #75
    02 Ultra #104x2
    03 UD 40 Man #689
    99 UD MVP #162
    00 UD MVP & Silver Script#142
    00 UD Ovation #40x3
    97 Col.Choice Big Show #37/45
    96 Select Cert.Ed. Artist Proof #108
    97 Topps Awesome Impact #AI10
    00 UD Five Tool Talent #FT3

    Tike Redman:
    01 Fleer Future #220
    01 Fleer Triple Crown #269

    Kip Wells:
    02 Donruss Fan Club #193
    03 Donruss #360x2
    00 Skybox Dominion #258
    03 Topps #203
    00 UD MVP #206
    00 Fleer Focus Future Vision #14/15FV
    00 Skybox Dominon New Era #14/20NE

    Jack Wilson:
    02 Fleer Maximum #54
    02 Fleer Platinum #109

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    I would do this:

    I get:
    01 Fleer Platinum D-backs Celebrate 96/201
    02 Finest Beltran Perez Auto Rookie (bv15)

    You get:
    2001 Topps Archives Auto Wilbur Wood

    I have these inserts:
    2002 Fleer Maximum Barry Bonds [not sure of the subset, probably a career highlights]
    2002 Fleer Fall Classics Series of Champions Dave Parker

    And I have these Parallels:
    2002 UD 40-Man Kris Benson Holo
    2003 Topps Total Matt Stairs Silver
    2003 Bazooka Minis:
    Mike Williams
    Aramis Ramirez
    Jason Kendall
    Kris Benson
    Josh Fogg
    2003 Topps Total Duaner Sanchez Silver
    2003 UD Victory Aramis Ramirez

    I do have one GU, but he is pictured in a D-back uniform, but the card does show the Pirates Logo:
    2002 Leaf R&S Freshman Orientation Duaner Sanchez Bat


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    i could offer these up for it...

    psa 9 bow chm kip wells rc
    1996 best jason kendall au
    1993 bowman jason kendall rc
    2003 bazooka bullington rc
    2003 topps bullington rc

    and i think i have a bowman heritage rc of jack wilson. lmk if any of these interest you!

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