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    Looking for....

    I am looking for any autographs of Jim Edmonds, Vladimir Guerrero, Mark Teixeira, and any Cubs autographs.

    PLMK if you have any!


  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    the only cert auto i have is jose vidro 03 donruss sig sereis ill sell for 3 and shipping.let me know if interested

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    I have a 2003 Hot Prospects"Player Graphs" Mark Prior auto that I would sell for $45.00 delivered. BV is $60.00. Thanks.....Dan

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    Sorry Dunndeal I have the same exact

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    I may have a Clement auto you can buy for $4..I haven't gotten the $$ from someone and they had 4 weeks so I think thats fair!
    Can you buy it?
    I'll just tell him too late!

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    Interested in the Clement....will you take 3$ for it?


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    $3 and SASE at your own risk!
    That last one is a biggie!
    If you want to take that chance then fine, if not secure it through bubble mailer!
    I can send in sleeve and toploader if you choose SASE!

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