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    Fleer Mystique Error discovered

    I was listing some of my new rookie cards on my site when I discovered an error on one of the cards. The Johnathan Sullivan rookie card #89 has his first name mispelled on the front of the card by spelling in johnatan. I'm sure that it will probably not be fixed and be listed as an uncorrected error card in the future, but this is the first time that I've discovered an error card from a new set.

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    congrats man.. Id take the time and hold on to that card. Write into beckett so they can get into touch with some of them and see if it is a corrected error.. Maybe you got one of the harder ones to make it worht me


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    Very Cool. I haven't found any in a while but used to come across a couple each year in the mid 90's when I would really scrutinize almost every card I got. Youre right though Soxfan. Unless it's corrected and there are two versions most people will never know.

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    Well, I wrote the the Fleer company and needless to say they didn't respond to my message. I also wrote to the Becketts Readers Write, so maybe my letter will be in the next football beckett or something.

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