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    Post PULLED LEBRON RC #/10

    From 03-04 Fleer Focus "Decade Edition" #3/10 Mint

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    Holy Crap Nice pull, wanna sell for cc JK. Are you gonna put it on Ebay, i know i would.

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    hey man it is me and u know I LOVE LEbron u think i could get you some autos or whatever for it lmk

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    wowza! Ebay it man! you should get a grand for it

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    Yeah, you should get a grand. The finest gold refractor of him gets over a grand and that is short printed to 25.

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    PM me with a price if you are willing to end this auction early. I am currently the high bidder and have a price in mind that I am willing to go up to.
    Thanks, John

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