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    Post Culpepper Signs 10 Year Deal with Vikings

    I really don't see the reasoning behind signing him to a 10 year deal. Way too risky if you ask me.
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    Doesn't matter that it was for 10 yrs. Only $16 mil is guaranteed. They can cut him at any point during his stay there. That's the thing I like about their salary structures, you have earn your keep.

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    Culpepper is a great QB IMO... he just needs a ton of help in Minnesota because year after year that team just falls apart.

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    The Vikings self destruct every year, I would like to see them pull it together for just one year and maybe they would have a shot at the super bowl......

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    The question isn't "Was it a good deal?", the question is: "Can he last that long?"


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    Well I would say no if they were guranteeing him the 10 yrs salary, but since they can cut him if he isn't performing up to their expectations I think he will.......

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    I agree with John.

    Football contracts always have escape clauses.

    Yes, it's risky to sign a QB to such a huge deal, but remember, Culpepper is something like 6'4" and weighs 275.

    He's a big boy, and can take the hits.

    I'd trade away Randy Moss and get more draft picks.

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    Randy Moss is a headcase. If a player is great, I don't care, it's his attitude that matters.


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