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Thread: Dutch Auctions?

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    Dutch Auctions?

    has anyone ever done one of these? and if so, do you reccomend them? here is the one that I am looking at on ebay...lemme know what you think!

    Dutch Auction



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    thats probably a somewhat decent dutch...every now and then they are good for getting trade bait...or just a lucky lot...

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    Seems reasonable enough... good feedback plus doesn't charge like $6 for shipping like those other dutch auctions of this nature do.

    "I also will do just single sports or a combo of any of the above. If you do not want a particular sport, please Let Me Know."

    Seems like a reasonable guy too. If you got some extra cash lying around or sitting in your PayPal, I say why not.

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    Well I e-mailed the guy last night because his shipping seemed a little fishy to me. I took the 1-10 lots = $2.50 meaning that if you bought anywhere between 1 and 10 lots, you'd pay a total of $2.50 for shipping.

    Although that's how I took it, the seller could mean that shipping charge would be $2.50 for each lot when purchasing 1-10 lots. So just to make sure, I e-mailed the guy. He told me that the 1-10 lots = $2.50 is the total amount for shipping. IE if you purchased 10 lots ($1 each) + $2.50 shipping = $12.50 would be your total. So once again I'll say if you got a few extra bucks sitting around or sitting in your PayPal account, I'd go for it.

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    sounds good iggy...i may have bought a couple off him a while back and gotten many decent cards...i dont remember though...

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    the one thing he didn't say is how many cards are in each lot, but I may have missed it...

    does anyone know?

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