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Thread: Card #'d 0001/2002

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    Card #'d 0001/2002

    Hello fellow collectors...I have a card that is #'d 0001/2002...I know it is very rare to get a 1 is not a rookie or game used, but just appears to be a common that's numbered for some reason, from the Topps 2002 set.

    What kind of value do cards #'d 1 actually have? Any commentary would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    you can probably get a little more in a trade or seliing it then if it were any other number

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    I think the whole 1/1 fad for cards that aren't really 1/1 seems to be dying down a little bid. If you find a collector of the person, they'd most likely be willing to pay a little more than anyone else.
    I can't imagine paying more than 2-3x BV unless it's a star though.

    Who is the card of?

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    I have routinely seen mark-ups of numbered cards if the number is the first/last in the series or if the number happens to correspond to the players uniform number. Sometimes they sell, sometimes they just sit there.
    I personally don't put more of a value on a card just because it's numbered 1/whatever. But, that's just me. ;)


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    Hi, and thanks for the replies.

    johnboy, the card is of Eric Young of the Milwaukee Brewers. And, I am not one of those 1/1 fad people this is an actual #1 card ;)


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    reg. bv, as said above the fake 1/1 thing is stupid.

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    That isn't what a 1/1 means anyway. A 1/1 card is just that...1 card made, and numbered to only 1. What he has is 1/2002, which may command a small premium, but it all depends on the player.

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    As related to me from my friend at Beckett, only a card stamped with a 1/1 serial is considered by them to be a true 1/1. It is up to the collector whatever value they want to place on a card that contains the first of the sequence, the last of the sequence or the player's jersey number. In theory, all serial numbered cards are 1/1 as they are the only one with that particular serial number. But as mentioned before, Beckett only acknowledges the 1/1 stamp as a true 1/1. This is why you do not see multipliers listed for the other "so-called" versions of the 1/1.

    I hope this information helps...
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    Here's one way to determine the going rate for the card

    put it up on Ebay, describe it thoroughly with a scan -- that attracts the most bidders

    then, about 1 hour before auction ends, pull it and say you don't have the card b/c your dog ate it...that way, you can see how much someone is willing to pay for it

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