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Thread: Looking for Jason Cooper

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    Looking for Jason Cooper

    I am looking for any Jason Cooper rookies. Please let me know if you have any. 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft (regular, ref, xfract).


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    I have a 2002 bowman draft pick chrome rc i will sell.mke me an offer.

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    Well, I would definitely offer a lot more for the refractor and xfractor. I commonly buy my Cooper Bowman Chromes for .25-.50 each.


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    i can do 1.00 shipped for the chrome lmk if this works.

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    JCMINT: I noticed yesterday. I am trying to negotiate with him right now.

    REDSOXJCS: Anything else you have that I might want? Please let me know. Larger lots make shipping per card less.


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    Who else are you looking for.lmk and ill tell you what ive got

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    Any good rookies and autos? Please let me know. Thanks.


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    Ive got a 1999 Bowman Dunn and an 1989 Bowman Griffey both in excellent condition.Let me knwo on these please

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    also if interested i have some ebay lots w/rookies.if interested ill pm my ebay account

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