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Thread: Unopened Packs for Trade

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    Unopened Packs for Trade

    Hi Everyone, Ive updated my website and have added some older unopened packs available for trade. Thanks for looking, Mike

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    i like some ripkens off ure site, what r u lookin for in trade??

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    Hey Cheeze, Thanks for the reply. Do you have any refractors from the 2002 Bowman draft pick set.Im looking for Billy Petrick cards, or any refractor cards( gold or x-fractor) also looking for GU... Talk to ya soon Mike

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    Hey, I'm interested in some of the '90 Score, and any of the other '90 packs...I have a Rafael Palmeiro Game Jersey from 03 UD Authentics (Star Quality, 304/350), that I can trade for some of 'em...also check my site. (The Berra/Munson and the Dittfurth are gone)

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    u can check out my site for gu's, i don't have any 02 bowman cards

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    Hey Cheeze, How bout the blalock GU Value? or the fisk and or the helton gu. Mike

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