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Thread: 2003 UD MVP RCs/Inserts

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    2003 UD MVP RCs/Inserts

    I just busted 5 packs of this, and it is a really nice looking product. The Cowboys cards are all on there way to Dallas to see if anyone signs them. Just trying to either trade these for Cowboys cards(any) or sell some of them pretty cheap. Here is the list of RCs and Inserts...

    Cato June RC
    Jerel Myers RC
    Justin Wood RC
    Willis McGahee Future MVP RC
    Kyle Boller Future MVP RC
    Onterrio Smith Future MVP RC
    Carson Palmer RC
    Chris Simms RC
    Andre Woolfolk RC
    Justin Gage RC
    Dahrran Diedrick RC
    Mat McBriar RC
    Aaron Walker RC

    Matt Hasselbeck Talk Of The Town Insert

    I will also trade the Stars and Commons I got for some Dallas Cowboy cards. Just let me know who you need and I will check if I have him. Thanks


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    i want the kyle boller card if thats cool. lmk wat you want for it. thanks

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    Will trade Cowboys for Broncos

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    LewisDuo:I would trade the Boller RC for some Cowboys cards and maybe a stamp(I am to lazy to buy some more). I also have several other Ravens I can put in a lot if you are interested.

    Donzpalo:The only Bronco I got was the Mat McBriar Rc. I also have quite a few Broncos RCs and normal cards from 2003 Topps and Topps Total. PLMK if you would be interested in those as well.

    To both Donzpalo and LewisDuo:Thanks for the replies. Just post or pm me a list of the Cowboys cards you have for trade, and I will try to do the same for the teams you appear to collect. Thanks


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    have these ,some dups
    10 Topps-19 Ultra-9 Prestige-13 MVP-24 Fleer-7 Topps DP/P
    12 total from Gridiron Kings,Platimun,Topps Total,Topps Chrome

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