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Thread: Does anybody need these?

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    Does anybody need these?

    I posted these in the memorabilia section, but I'm not getting any hits on that one. I just thought i'd try on here because this board gets far more looks than that one.

    John Mabry- Autographed 5x8 Photo
    Rafael Palmeiro- Autographed 3x5 photo card

    Is anybody intrested?

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    You have a scan of the Palmeiro?
    What would you be looking for in trade and how is it's condition?

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    sorry, no scan. But, i can describe it to you if you want. It's in great condition, and i'd consider trading it for just about anything including; cards in Baseball, football, or basketball, autographed stuff, or even a bobble head of a player that i collect. Just LMK what you'd be willing to trade for it.

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