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Thread: Check my site..added scans..

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    Check my site..added scans..

    I added some scans of some of my cards....Its still underconstruction but LMK if you like anything...thanks..Also...I added a guestbook...Feel free to sign it with any comments...

    you can find the scans at the bottom of these pages: "autos", gameused", and "rookies.

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    i like your prior gu also. id give you all those cards i listed for the 2 priors! plmk, dwayne

    or id give something besides the banks auto or prior dual jersey for your prior gu. plmk, dwayne

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    I am interested in the 2003 kerry wood jsy bv 15.I dont have any autoes to trade besides a michael barrett.i do have couple of gu i willt trade or i can give cc or trad some inserts and a gu.lmk

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    dewey....Prior is not for trade...I'm either going to keep it or put it on ebay...I will probably keep it since it is a sweet card and I pulled it.

    redsox....What gu do you have?

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    Well, if you do consider trading the Prior RC, check my site and LMK

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    AC...didn't see anything I really needed..

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