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Thread: Do you get card graded?

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    I a moving your question to the General sports card forum where it is better suited.


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    Do you get card graded?

    I get many condition sensitive cards graded that are in great condition(pass the 10x lighted inspection)..IE: Black borders, Mirror finishes, Vintage made with poor card stock, etc..

    Also, some higher end Rookie cards, that I want to keep, so I get them encased.
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    The only time I grade is when it is for my personal collection. These are usually $25+ cards. I just like to protect and authenticate them.

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    to be honest if you are planning to trade a rc that you want to grade, then i wouldn't. it is probably better to sell or trade a rc raw. however, if you like the card and don't plan on trading it, then i would grade it so the card is protected and in decent shape. hope this helps

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