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Thread: New/Old Cards To Trade...

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    New/Old Cards To Trade...

    I will be updating my site in a minute and will be looking to trade.

    2003 Spx Young Stars Auto/Jerseys
    2002 Select Rookies And Prospects

    Please look at my site by either:
    Clicking the link in my sig.... or.....
    Clicking the www button.

  2. Kronozio
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    Sorry about the update delay, I had to go somewhere. I will be finishing this up in a minute.

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    I have nothing from your wantlist, Is there anything else you'd want for the Ronning auto?

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    I dont know, maybe another auto in baseball if possible. If not, maybe a cheap gu.

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    So J.e.lew, please tell me what you have when you have a chance, and anyone else see anything? I traded a couple of the things.

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    Ok, everyone this is your last chance for anything off the tradelist. I will be tossing in extra stuff with every trade right now.

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