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    any reason to...

    I got a box of 2001 Uperdeck MVP caeds, and I pend them, but kept the cards i the packs. Is there any reason to kepp it like that rather then put them in a binder?

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    well, how about putting the best cards in the binder, and all the commons in a shoe box if you can't buy a card board box

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    I'm going to put them all in a carboard box, but the best cards will have a top loader. I was just wondering if somome would buy that bux from me, even thouhg it's opend, but still ahs the packs.

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    most likely they won't pay premium prices; after all, it's been opened, and who's to say the best cards weren't taken out, and replace with good cards?

    people don't pay high prices for packs that have been opened

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