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Thread: player search

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    player search

    just name a player u want a card of and i'll see what i can do with it.

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    bonds- i have one foppert but its in bad condition. i got gipped by someone on this forum.
    Dtrain- sorry no marte

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    Just out of curiousity what Foppert is it? And if someone gipped you report it to the mods so they can take care of him/her.

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    hemi- sorry i dont have very many current players.
    bonds-it was at another forum. sorry for the confusion. it was a common. i dont know what brand though. it wasnt worth much
    rick-i have 12 griffeys,2 woods, 1 patterson, and 3 drews. plmk if u want a list of em

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    Oh ok thanks for the clarification, if you ever come across any Fopperts even if their commons pm me and if I don't have them I will gladly trade for em :) Thanks.

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    Alfonso Soriano, Juan Rivera, and any players on my sig thanks!

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