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Thread: Making team and player lots

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    Making team and player lots

    putting all my cards in team and or player lots list your player or team nd ill make one for ya. Mostly wana sell but can trade. PLMK

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    Well, I would only be interested in trading, but what do you have of Mark Prior?

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    i am looking for 02-03 Minnesota Twins and Oakland Athletics


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    heres what i have left of prior

    2003 topps
    2003 donruss
    2003 upper deck
    2003 donruss team heroes. plmk

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    I need the 2003 Donruss, UD, and Donruss Team heroes.

    What do you have of Josh Beckett?

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    2002 UD matt lecroy
    2002 UD eric milton
    2002 UD star rookie kevin frederick
    2003 UD honor roll torii hunter


    2002 UD tim hudson
    2002 UD scott hatteberg
    2003 UD honor roll zito
    2003 UD honor roll hudson
    2003 UD honor roll tejada


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    i only have one beckett left because everyone wants him and its 03 UD honor roll

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    sportscollector03 -

    i need all those you listed.....plmk if you find more

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    Looking for
    Oliver Perez
    Bryan Bullington
    Freddy sanchez
    Rich Thompson
    Jason Bay
    Ray Sadler
    Walter Young
    John Vanbenschoten

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    Hemi before i get more will you buy and or what do you have to trade for them.

    jly- i dont have many of the smaller name guys so I prolly wont have any

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