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    trade list

    i am looking for autos, football star gu and star rcs, basketball lebron James and Carmello anthony, and baseball autos, 2002 bowman chrome draft autos refractors x fractors gu, and patches.

    2001 Topps Traded Hank Blalock rc
    2001 fleer platnium Albert Pujols (not his true rc but some still consider it his rc)
    2000 Bowman Barry Zito rc
    2000 Bowman chrome Barry Zito rc
    1991 Upper Deck Final Edition Pedro Martinez rc
    1991 Upper Deck Chipper Jones
    2001 topps stars Jose Reyes rc
    2003 Topps Gallery HOF Frank Robinson gu bat
    2003 Donruss timeless treasures Rookie year materials Vlad Guerrero (white with blue stripe) #52/100
    2003 Donruss Timeless treasure rookie year materials Gary Shefield (white with blue stripe) #16/100
    2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classics Mark Mcgwire logo patch(a's)
    2003 Playoff Prestige Players collection Barry zito(white gu)

    I also have tons of base cards for trade.

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    How many colors is this 2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classics Mark Mcgwire logo patch(a's)?

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    it isn't a real patch. Like i said it is a LOGO patch

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