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Thread: Jimmy Rollins AUTO

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    Jimmy Rollins AUTO

    I have this

    2002 Topps Certified Autos of Jimmy Rollins BV $25.00

    Looking to Sell or Trade.

    Please let me know if you are interested

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    I'd be interested in it. What are you looking for in return?

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    I'm interested in it as well. LMK what you're looking for. Feel free to check out my site.

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    guys, i will check your sites a little later

    are you intersted n buying at all

    if not could we maybe make a trae/cash sort of deal

    let me know

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    What would be your best offer. I would like something reasonable/ nothing outrageously hihg or low

    let me know your offer

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    I really don't have much money right now so I think $8 would be my best offer.

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    $12 would be the best I could go and that would include shipping and all

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